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How to fly with baby


Children under the age of 12 years are transported by tickets with a 25% discount on the adult passenger fare (unless otherwise specified by the rules of the special fare) with a separate seat in the cabin, while free baggage allowance is allowed according to the established standards.

For a comfortable flight of passengers with children, you can take the necessary things and items for taking care of the child, as well as the food necessary for the flight, with you on board our aircraft. You can see the list of items allowed for transportation as hand luggage.

Passengers traveling with a child are entitled to carry one baby cot / folding baby stroller free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance.

Attention! The use of the stroller is only possible before the ramp, in the future the stroller is transferred for transportation in the luggage compartment.

Before handing the stroller into the luggage compartment, make sure that it does not get dirty and does not tear anywhere, fold it carefully and pack it in a cellophane or special cover.
Upon arrival at the destination airport (first boarding point), please contact the flight attendant to receive your stroller.

One adult passenger has the right to transport for free, without providing a separate seat, one child up to two years old for domestic transportation, for international flights - with a discount of ninety percent of the normal or special tariff, unless there are special conditions for applying the special tariff. For other kids up to two years old who fly with one adult, tickets are issued at a 25% discount.

The free baggage allowance for a child up to 2 years old (without providing a separate seat) is 1 piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 5 kg and no more than 40x30x20 cm, regardless of class of service.

If desired, the passenger can reserve a separate seat for the baby, while 75% of the fare for an adult passenger is paid (unless otherwise stipulated by the rules for applying a special tariff). Then the baggage allowance for an infant with a separate seat will be provided in accordance with the issued fare.

Passengers traveling with children under 5 years old from terminal “A” of Vnukovo Airport have the opportunity to use the free service for providing a baby carriage. If you check in your luggage at the check-in desk, you can use the free stroller at terminal A during the entire waiting time for the flight. Then the stroller must be handed over to the representative of the Airline when boarding the plane at the gangway.

Children from 2 to 12 years old

Transportation of unaccompanied children.

Unaccompanied children - children from 5 to 12 years of age who are followed without parents (guardians) and unaccompanied by an adult passenger, or are transported under the supervision of a carrier’s responsible person, in accordance with the current rules of the Airline. At the request of parents (guardians), support can be provided to children under 16 years of age. Children under 5 years old can only be accompanied by adult adults.

The service is not provided on charter flights and on joint operation flights under a code-share agreement, when the Airline is a marketing carrier. Unaccompanied children are accepted for carriage only on flights where the Airline acts as an operator. Transfer transportation is subject to:

a) the lack of docking "overnight",
b) transfer through the Vnukovo airport,
c) flights are operated more than once a day,
d) connecting between flights at the Vnukovo Airport from 1 hour 30 minutes to 6 hours 00 minutes,
e) domestic flights.

Unaccompanied children are accepted for transportation if:

  • the Airline has prior consent for the carriage of an unaccompanied child,
  • there is a confirmed reservation on the route of transportation,
  • accompanying persons remain with the child at the airport of departure until boarding the plane,
  • the child will be met at the destination airport,
  • transportation of the child is paid in accordance with applicable rules and tariffs.

Unaccompanied children are accepted for carriage only after filling and signing by the parents, adoptive parents, guardians or trustees of the Notice of special treatment and the Parent / Guardian Declaration.

In order to comply with flight safety requirements, it is prohibited to seat passengers with children in places near emergency exits.

Please pay attention to the rules for the departure of minor children abroad:

According to Art. 20 of the Federal Law of 08/15/1996 No. 114-ФЗ (as amended on April 7, 2010) “On the Procedure for the Exit of the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation”, as a rule, a minor citizen of the Russian Federation leaves the Russian Federation together with at least one of his parents, adoptive parents, guardians or trustees. If a minor citizen of the Russian Federation leaves the Russian Federation unaccompanied, he must have, in addition to his passport, a notarized consent of the indicated persons to leave the Russian Federation, indicating the period of departure and the state (s) that he intends to visit.

In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, a citizen of the Russian Federation cannot be deprived of the right to enter the Russian Federation. Children over the age of 12 can be transported unaccompanied by an adult passenger or a passenger who, in accordance with the civil legislation of the Russian Federation, has acquired full legal capacity before he reaches the age of eighteen.

In practice, consent to leave the second parent from the Russian Federation may be required by Russian border guards at the border control when entering the country of travel.

Recommended draw up a notarized consent of the second parent. It can be arranged for one specific trip or for a certain period during which the child can make several trips. Such consent is not required in the absence of a second parent, which must be confirmed by relevant documents:

  • maternal book (previously it was called the book of a single mother),
  • death certificate
  • document on deprivation of parental rights,
  • application of the second parent to abandon the child,
  • a document from the court attesting that it is impossible to determine the whereabouts of the second parent,
  • a document from the police stating that the second parent is wanted, etc.

At the same time, a certificate of divorce is not included in the number of these documents.

If the child travels with both parents, then only a passport and birth certificate are sufficient, if the family has different surnames.

How much is a ticket, what to take on a plane and at the airport

In the fall, I was going on my first trip with a three-month-old baby and was worried at the same time for myself, the baby and the passengers of the adjacent seats.

I was horrified that my daughter would cry the whole flight. But nothing happened.

In a previous article, I talked about how to pick up housing and pack a suitcase with children's things. Now I will share the subtleties that will save the parental nerves in the flight.

Place for a newborn on an airplane

At the request of the parents and the airline’s capabilities, you can order a separate seat for the newborn or hold it in your arms during the flight. Of course, if this is a long flight, it is better to take a separate seat. With a baby in her arms, it’s quite difficult to sit for more than 4 hours in a row.

In the cabin you can take a car seat in which your baby will be comfortable. In this case, it would be advisable to reserve an extra seat so that when taking off and landing it could be fastened with a seat belt. There should be a mark on the car seat authorizing its use in an airplane.

In many, but not all airlines, a special cradle is provided absolutely free of charge for transporting babies. It is mounted in special places in the cabin in front of the parent's seat. However, this service should be taken care of in advance by contacting the airline by phone or at the airport and clarify all the rules for providing this service.

Superior Seats

Foreign carriers for passengers with children under 2 years of age leave the first rows of seats and provide them free of charge, regardless of how the passenger came to check-in. In addition, places located nearby, if possible, leave free.

Domestic airlines often offer extra comfort seats at an additional cost.

Documents necessary for a newborn to fly

Inside the country

  • Parent's passport
  • Birth certificate

  • The passport of one of the parents, in which the baby must be entered, in order to obtain a visa to some countries (Italy), a photograph of the newborn must also be glued,
  • A child’s birth certificate is optional, but may be needed to confirm the relationship,
  • If the newborn is traveling with one of the parents, it is necessary to have the consent of the second with him to leave the country.

Airplane ticket price for newborn

If a baby needs a separate place, then you will need to pay extra for it. If the child will travel in the arms of his parents, then - most often for free.

The cost of a ticket for a newborn with an extra seat, depending on the airline, can be 10% of the total ticket, 30% -50%, or only additional fees may be charged.

Can I take a stroller on a plane

According to the new rules of baggage and hand luggage, folding strollers are allowed to take on board the aircraft. According to experience, a newborn can be transported in wheelchairs at the airport, after registering with her, she can safely go to the waiting room and to the plane. But before the ramp, the cabin crew will put it down and put it in a specially designated place. Upon arrival, the stroller will wait at the gangway.

What you need to take on a flight with a newborn

  • A replaceable set of clothes for yourself and a newborn,
  • Spare diaper,
  • Diaper
  • Wet wipes,
  • Several plastic bags for stained clothing and diapers,
  • Baby food (the amount of liquid allowed for transportation in the cabin must not exceed 100 ml, but exceptions are made for baby food),
  • Dummy
  • The necessary set of medicines and child care products.

Feeding a newborn on an airplane

Newborn babies are not provided with meals on the plane. With breastfeeding, of course, there are no problems. For an artificer, you need to take food supply with you on the plane. Remember, there will be nowhere to heat it. There is hot water on board the aircraft.

Some airlines provide baby food if they are informed in advance that there will be a baby on board, for example Aeroflot.

How to facilitate the flight of the newborn

A newborn quickly adapts to a decrease in atmospheric pressure without risks to his health, if there are no congenital diseases (for example, heart disease), there should not be problems with the flight.

If the baby is worried during takeoff and landing, most likely he is laying ears. In this case, let him suckle, if he is breastfeeding, a dummy.

Knowing the above details, flying with a newborn is not a problem.

Travel with your family! Have a nice flight!


Many parents willingly travel with their children. But even a short flight is stress for a small child. Pressure drops, turbulence zones, landing and take-off - children do not always tolerate such phenomena well. In addition, in the case of sharp shaking, the baby risks getting injured, since the musculoskeletal system in him is fragile. To prevent this from happening, safety experts recommend transporting your child on an airplane in a car seat.

Is it possible to transport a child on an airplane in a car seat?

Kids under 2 years old fly for free (some companies charge a nominal fee for a children's ticket). But at the same time, they do not occupy a separate place, but are in the hands of parents. Fastens a small child with a separate seat belt.

To transport the baby in the car seat, you will need to buy another passenger seat where the restraint will be installed. Plus, the seat must be equipped with special mounts. Before buying a ticket, all details must be clarified with the airline representatives. Most often, a 50% discount applies to children's places.

For children over 2 years old, regardless of whether they travel in the car seat or not, a separate place is bought. The possibility of a flight in your car seat and its required dimensions must be clarified in the airline's help desk.

Car seats, the use of which is permissible in the cabin, have a special sticker on the body "For use in aircraft". The indicated models are compatible with the seats on the aircraft and can be fastened with a two-point belt, which is available on each passenger seat.

Of course, the presence of a car seat on the plane will make the flight for your child more comfortable and safe. But not all models of child restraints are allowed on board. Different airlines have their own requirements on this issue.

When flying with the Russian Aeroflot airline, the use of a child car seat is permitted. But at the same time, for the baby it is necessary to buy a separate seat, and the dimensions of the chair must correspond to certain parameters: weight - no more than 10 kg, and volume - 115 cm. The following restraints are suitable for these requirements: Maxi-cosi Cabrio Fix, Maxi Cosi citi (SPS ), Maxi Cosi Pebble.

S7 Airlines also allows a child to travel in a car seat in the cabin. There are no weight restrictions, but the sum of the height, width and length of the child seat should not exceed 115 cm. Before you buy a ticket for a particular flight, it is recommended to check the availability of seats with the possibility of mounting a restraint. The indicated volume does not exceed the Maxi-cosi Cabrio Fix, Maxi Cosi citi (SPS), Maxi Cosi Pebble models.

If you plan to fly a plane of the airline "Russia", keep in mind that it will be allowed to carry a car seat on board, which weighs no more than 8 kg. Standard volume requirements are 115 cm. Armchairs that fit these requirements are the same as in the previous paragraphs.

The German airline Lufthansa offers parents a list of car seats that are allowed on board. It includes:

  • Storchenmühle Maximum,
  • Concord, Maxi Cosi citi (SPS),
  • Maxi Cosi Mico,
  • Maxi Cosi Pebble,
  • Bébé Confort Pebble,
  • Römer Baby Safe Plus / B06,
  • Römer Baby Safe Plus SHR,
  • Römer Eclipse,
  • Römer King plus,
  • Kiddy energy pro
  • Kiddy phoenix pro
  • Eitel Plastic Luftikid,
  • Kiddy comfort pro
  • Kiddy guardian pro
  • Kiddy guardian pro 2,
  • Kiddy cruisefix pro
  • Kiddy Discovery Pro.

How to transport a car seat on an airplane?

If you fly abroad and take a car seat with you, a reasonable question arises: how to transport it? The easiest way is to drop the restraint in your luggage along with other things. However, there are several drawbacks:

Firstly, the risk of exceeding permissible weight standards. The weight of baggage, which is included in the ticket price, is usually limited to 20-30 kg. A good baby car seat can be quite heavy. Be sure to consider this factor, and also consider whether you fit into the norms not only on the way there, but also back. After all, on the way back, bags are often heavier.

Secondly, the risk of damage to the car seat. It's no secret that movers at airports do not always handle things with pleasure. A failed throw can cause a crack in the car seat body, after which you cannot use it again.

If these arguments convinced you to refuse to transport a car seat in the luggage compartment, you can consider the second method - transporting a seat in the passenger cabin of the aircraft as hand luggage.

In the comments, you can share your own experience or ask your questions on this topic.

Together We Make The World Safe and Comfortable.

How old can I fly

Airlines are listening to the recommendations of the World Health Organization. In the first 48 hours of life, the child is not allowed on board, in the first 7 days they require a certificate from a doctor. The doctor must confirm in writing that the newborn can fly. Starting from the second week you can fly unhindered, but I advise you to consult with a pediatrician in any case.

How much does the ticket cost

In Russia Children under 2 years old fly free only in the hands of their parents. If there are two or three babies, and one adult - only one child will fly for free. The second and third will fly on children's tickets with a 25% discount on an adult.

Children's tickets are required for all children from two years. If the child is 2 years and 1 day on the day of the flight, he will need a children's ticket.

To another country infants up to 2 years old in their arms in adults fly at a discount of 90% or more. Typically, airlines require you to pay the fuel surcharge and boarding pass - this is a tenth of the price.

Если ребенку потребуется отдельное место, авиакомпания сделает скидку — максимум 50% от взрослого билета . Чем дороже билет, тем больше скидка.

Билеты на рейс «Уральских Авиалиний» из Екатеринбурга в Тбилиси и обратно

Осенью я путешествовала с дочерью в Сочи: она летела бесплатно у меня на руках. А недавно я бронировала билеты в Грузию. Билет «Уральских Авиалиний» из Екатеринбурга в Тбилиси и обратно обошелся в 18 472 рубля, за младенца я заплатила 1 270 рублей сборов.

Позвоните в авиакомпанию

Despite the fact that when buying a ticket you already said that you will have a baby, you need to call the airline and talk this moment with the operator. On the phone, you will solve issues with cradles, seats, food and much more that you could not indicate when buying a ticket.

The airline's hotline number is on the company's website or will be indicated on the ticket purchase confirmation.

What is allowed to take on a plane

Suitcase. Even if the baby is flying in the arms of an adult, he is supposed to have luggage space. A children's suitcase can weigh up to 10 kilograms, and the sum of its length, width and height should not exceed 115 centimeters. A small suitcase for hand luggage is suitable: the requirements for them are the same.

In stores, a carry-on suitcase corresponds to size S or a volume of 20 to 50 liters

Stroller In addition to a children's suitcase, you can take your own stroller on a flight. There are few requirements: weight up to 20 kilograms and the absence of factory packaging. If you bought a new stroller while traveling, be sure to unpack it.

At the front desk, the chassis and cradle are marked with special tags - DAA, Delivery at Aircraft. Such a stroller is checked in at the gangway or in the air sleeve. They return it at the door of the plane or with the rest of the luggage - it all depends on the airport. For example, you will have to wait for a stroller by the luggage belt in Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Washington, Copenhagen, Rome and Stockholm.

In Sochi, I took one suitcase for two and a stroller. Next time I will do the same: my hands were free, the airport guards escorted to the elevators, I put a large pack of diapers in the stroller basket, which did not fit in the suitcase. The only thing that upset was the bus: it is not easy to lift a stroller into it alone.

Lightweight walking sticks can be transported in the cabin. The weight of such a stroller should not exceed 4.5 kilograms, dimensions - 53 × 27 × 97 centimeters.

This stroller weighs 4.3 kg. She will be allowed to take to the cabin

Car seat. If you pay a baby a separate seat on the plane, you need to take a car seat to the salon. The base of the chair can not exceed the size of 40 × 40 centimeters, and it should not interfere with neighbors to recline the seatbacks. A car seat is necessary if you are flying alone with two children under 2 years old.

What to ask the airline

Before departure, you need to understand where the child will sleep on the plane and what he will eat. These questions will be answered at the airline's call center. It is better to call there immediately after buying tickets, otherwise the baby will fly without privileges.

Seats on the plane. Parents with babies are usually placed in the front rows or at the beginning of the aircraft. In addition, aviation regulations prohibit such passengers from booking seats in a row at the emergency exit.

If you select places via the Internet, at the registration of a parent and a child with a separate place they can sit down. To prevent this from happening, you need to call the airline and ask for your seats.

Children in car seats are usually placed at the porthole.

Cradle or belt. In large airplanes, children up to a year old and weighing up to 11 kilograms are given cradles for sleeping. The cradle is attached to the partition in the first row and is fastened with straps. To get a cradle, you need to warn the airline at least 36 hours before departure.

Lowcosters do not have cradles in small aircraft like A-319, A-320, A-321, Boeing 737. On some flights, the cradles are issued by Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, Emirates, and Nordwind. Usually they rely on a set of bed linen.

Cradle aboard Aeroflot

In Sochi, I flew the airline "Russia", there are no cradles on its planes. The stewardess issued a short belt that wraps around the child’s waist and fastens to the adult belt in the manner of chain links. In this case, hold the baby with its head to the window: suddenly something falls from the service trolley.

Food. Some airlines provide passengers with baby food. You need to order it, like any other special, kosher or vegetarian, by phone and at least 36 hours in advance. The reservation systems for babies have their own code: BBML.

For example, in the standard Aeroflot menu there are three banks of mashed potatoes: meat, vegetable and fruit, cookies and 200 ml of milk. If you are planning a trip for several months, it is useful to study the schedule for the introduction of complementary foods for babies. So, if from 4 months babies start to eat vegetables a little, then from 8 they can already eat bread.

To comfortably breastfeed on an airplane, you can bring along a special cloak or apron for feeding. To avoid problems with the transportation of the milk mixture, prepare bottles up to 100 milliliters. If you feed the child during take-off and landing, he will not lay his ears and he will not cry.

What to use at the airport

Room of mother and baby. A room with a changing table and sink can be used by parents of children under 7 years old. In it, you can safely feed and change a child, but you will almost always have to wait in line.

Changing tables are also available on airplanes - they are usually located on the toilet. It is convenient to take absorbent diapers and wet wipes to both the airport and the plane.

Priority landing. Passengers with babies are often checked in at the business class desk and loudly invited to skip the line when boarding an airplane. If you are not invited, know that you have such a right.

Fast track and “Marhab service”. If the travel budget allows, you can pay for the fast track service at the airport ticket office. With it, you can quickly go through passport control, get luggage, and go through a separate corridor. The range of services varies from airport to airport. For example, in Yekaterinburg Koltsovo, the service includes service in the business lounge and a buffet. The cost of such a service starts at $ 35 (2266 R).

Similar services are available at many airports around the world. For example, in Dubai it is called the Marhaba.

Temporary stroller. Some airports give passengers wheelchairs. This is convenient if you have a transfer to a connecting flight. At Vnukovo Airport, such a service is available in the transfer room of terminal A. Kolyaski is given out to parents with children under 5 years old.

What conclusions have I made

  1. Do not choose low-costers if you want to fly on an airplane with a cradle.
  2. Get ready to pay for a children's ticket if you fly alone with two children. Take a car seat with you.
  3. Call the airline after buying tickets: inform that you have a child, secure a place, ask for a cradle and baby food.
  4. Fold baby items in your carry-on suitcase.
  5. Take a stroller on a trip and check it in at the airport.
  6. Plan what you will feed the child, and prepare containers of the permitted volume.

Consultant: Natalia Pautova, Friends Travel