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Using an orthopedic pillow for the tailbone


The tailbone pillow is usually an inexpensive pillow made of gel or heavy-duty foam with a cutout from the back at the base of the spine to relieve pressure on the tailbone or spine. It is used to treat various pain disorders in the back or lower back. Doctors often recommend that patients use a pillow under the tailbone after spinal surgery to reduce pressure on the spine and tailbone. The coccyx pillow is also often used to help relieve chronic pain, inflammatory pain, or to reduce pressure on the back and pelvic area during pregnancy.

The coccyx pillow is different from an annular or round pillow with a hole in the middle, which reduce the negative impact on the anus and prostate, and is often used for hemorrhoids and prostatitis.

Material Content

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Orthopedic pillow for coccyx

Office workers have to be “at the fifth point” every day during the working week, which often leads to “sedentary illnesses”. Since physical education minutes with the help of which it was possible to activate the muscular system, activate and restore normal blood circulation in tissues, work out joints, from sitting hypodynamia, its side effects, an orthopedic pillow for the tailbone began to be used.

Who needs an orthopedic pillow?

Anti-decubitus pillow under the coccyx will benefit:

  • people of mental work: schoolchildren, students,
  • office workers
  • drivers, dispatchers, broadcasters, cashiers of bus and train stations,
  • pregnant women in the last trimesters and after childbirth in the case of surgical delivery, performed episiotomy and suturing in the perineum,
  • people who have been injured or have a tailbone fracture, as well as with diseases such as prostatitis, osteochondrosis and hemorrhoids.

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Pain with a tailbone injury

Purpose and functions

Pain in the back, sacral region appear due to violations in the musculoskeletal system. The exacerbation of the syndrome occurs when pressure occurs on the coccyx, the person sits on a hard surface, dramatically changes the position of the body.

To prevent discomfort during routine operations, the use of a coccyx pillow is recommended.

What is the use of an orthopedic pillow under the ass:

  • reducing the load on the spine, pelvic ring, sacrum, tailbone,
  • elimination of pressure of the surface of the seat on the elements of the skeleton,
  • elimination of pain, discomfort while a person is sitting,
  • help in maintaining good posture,
  • acceleration of the rehabilitation process after injuries,
  • improved blood circulation.

The anatomical device reduces the risk of pathologies that are associated with sedentary work:

The correct circulation of the blood of the pelvic organs is maintained. There is practically no risk of tumors or hemorrhoids. Some people actively use an orthopedic pillow for sleeping while sitting.

Indications and contraindications

Orthopedic pillow under the ass will benefit not only people who have some kind of disease. As a tool for prevention, it will be appreciated by those who constantly work in a sitting position.

A coconut cushion under the tailbone will help in different situations. It is used for injuries or pathologies of the pelvic organs, inguinal region. The device will relieve pain, restore blood circulation, accelerate the overall rehabilitation process.

Doctors recommend using anatomical accessories for those who have undergone almost any operation.

In the period after childbirth, the product helps to eliminate pain with coccyalgia, the risk of hemorrhoids.

Orthopedic pillows for coccyx fracture are shown. This method reduces the load on the coccyx itself, the sacrum. Blood circulation remains normal, the pain goes away, because the patient does not touch the coccyx surface on which he sits.

Another option that should be considered is the prevention of a variety of diseases that arise due to an immobile lifestyle. People sitting in a wheelchair put accessories under the coccyx from bedsores. Those who work sitting all the time buy an orthopedic pillow on an office chair.

Orthopedic product - reliable prevention of prostatitis, hemorrhoids, osteochondrosis. It helps maintain proper posture, which is why the back of a person remains in perfect order.

It should be used correctly. It can not be placed on the soft. So the buttocks of a seated person will fail, the veins of the anus will be compressed, blood circulation will be disturbed.

Benefits of using a coccyx pillow

Pain in the back and sacral region is caused by disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Cider aggravates with pressure on the coccyx, sitting on a hard surface, sudden changes in posture. To avoid discomfort in everyday activities, it is recommended to put a special circle under the coccyx.

Use of orthopedic pillow:

  • reduces the load on the spine, sacrum, pelvic ring, tailbone,
  • softens the pressure of the hard surface on the elements of the skeleton,
  • eliminates pain symptoms, discomfort when sitting,
  • helps to maintain proper posture,
  • accelerates rehabilitation after injuries,
  • stimulates blood circulation.

A medical device reduces the risk of developing pathologies caused by sedentary work: osteochondrosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis. Prevents violation of the blood circulation of the pelvic organs, reducing the risk of developing hemorrhoids, neoplasms, tumors.

Who needs to use

Doctors believe that the pillow for the tailbone is an accessory that benefits almost everyone, especially people who work while sitting.

Categories of persons for whom the use of orthopedic pillows for priests is a prerequisite:

  • pregnant women or mothers in the postpartum period,
  • people with any disease
  • everyone who has suffered injuries
  • survivors of surgery (especially if the operation was performed in the inguinal region).

Coccyx Pillow Classification

Orthopedic pillow manufacturers offer a wide range of models. This allows you to choose the most suitable product, starting from the causes of violations, structural features of the body and price.

The main classification of orthopedic circles:

  • in shape
  • by filler
  • according to the patient’s body weight.

Product parameters are selected individually, previously discussed with the doctor.

Purpose of orthopedic pillow for tailbone

If after an operation, dislocation or fracture of the coccyx, trauma to the sciatic tubercles or pelvis with violation of the integrity of the ring, an orthopedic pillow will be used for sitting, the coccyx will be at rest, and the spine will be in the correct anatomical position when sitting.

Important: It will speed up recovery, relieve pain attacks and prevent curvature of the spine pillow-ring for coccyx pain, as well as a rectangular or U-shaped pillow with a cut for the tails of the tail.

Double with a recess pillow for the coccyx will give comfort when sitting, as well as:

  • unload the spine, especially in the area of ​​the pelvic ring, sacrum and tailbone,
  • relaxes muscles, connective tissues, ligaments and joints,
  • relieve discomfort and pain in the anorectal zone,
  • prevent stagnation of blood in the pelvis due to the normalization of blood flow through the vessels of the back,
  • reduce the pressure of the upper part of the torso on the sacrum and tailbone,
  • prevent the formation of pressure sores in sedentary patients,
  • will provide air circulation, which eliminates skin irritation due to perspiration and contact with the surface of the orthopedic product.

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Pillows for car seats

Orthopedic pillow for car seat

Autolux tailbone cushion will help to withstand long journeys in a passenger car, as well as prevent and reduce back pain, leakage of muscles of the buttocks and legs to truck drivers when transporting goods, drivers of cruise buses. Orthopedic pillow for Autolux coccyx helps to move the pelvis forward and give the spine a natural shape.

Materials for pillows

The product coating can be removed for washing or cleaning. It is made from natural or high-quality artificial materials, such as polyester or leatherette. The coating does not cause allergies and repels moisture. Most often, pillows are filled with foam rubber, viscoelastic foam (latex) or polyurethane foam.

Popular pillow shapes

Orthopedic pillow on the chair for the coccyx comes in different colors and shapes. The approximate dimensions of a rectangular product are 32 × 39.5 × 5.5 cm. To reduce pressure on the coccyx, reduce the load on the lumbar region and sacrum, a section is cut out under the coccyx on the product. A product of this shape is used as a seat on a chair to support the tailbone.

To ensure an unsupported position of the body and ideal anatomical bending of the lower back, proper load distribution, a pillow is made - an orthopedic ring for the tailbone. The product is popular because it can withstand the weight of a person up to 120 kg. It can be placed on any seat, used for a long time. An orthopedic circle for the tailbone can have an approximate size of diameters of 43 × 35 cm.

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Orthopedic circle for tailbone

How to care for orthopedic products

When contaminated, the pillowcase is removed and washed in warm water using loyal detergents. Dry cleaning is periodically carried out without the use of chemically active agents.

Tip. To exclude the violation of the integrity of the filler, do not put products on the orthopedic pillows that can pierce, cut and push them.

DIY pillow making

Do-it-yourself orthopedic pillow for the tailbone is made according to a simple drawing. It is necessary to measure the parameters of the chair’s sitting (length and width), cut a rectangle of foam rubber, for example, 40 × 33 cm, 5-6 cm thick. Then select the material, fold it in half (face to face) and transfer the size to the material taking into account the thickness (+ 2.5-3 cm) and seams (+ 2 cm). Now you can cut and sew on a typewriter, leaving room in order to carefully place foam rubber in the product. For such a pillow, you can make a U-shaped cut for the tailbone, as well as sew an additional removable cover.

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DIY pillow on a chair

Pillow for the tailbone with your own hands can be made in the form of a lifebuoy, as well as knitting. Fill such pillows with small pieces of foam or comfort - artificial filler in the form of small balls.

Using orthopedic pillows for the coccyx, it is possible to prevent pelvic diseases, to eliminate discomfort and pain in the lumbar region, sacrum and coccyx in case of injuries, after operations and during prolonged work in a sitting position on a chair.

Product Shape

Specialty stores sell a lot of pillow seats, and their shape depends on the effect that the buyer wants.

One option is the tailbone orthopedic ring. Allows you to maintain posture, reduces pressure on the sacrum.

Buying a compact bagel pillow is recommended before going on a trip. The only negative is that it’s not worth sitting on it for too long, the position will become uncomfortable.

The next variety is a latex, foam or polyurethane foam model of an orthopedic pillow, made in the shape of a circle. A common product with one drawback is not suitable for people weighing more than 120 kilograms.

Rectangular, square pillows for the tailbone. Suitable for motorists spending most of the day driving. The underside of orthopedic accessories is often made ribbed. For this reason, it is held securely in the driver's seat.

The latest model is a pillow with shape memory function. Her padding is designed to fix the most comfortable pose preferred by the wearer.


The material from which the orthopedic pillow-seat is created under the ass affects the result of its use. What packing is used to make accessories:

  • latex,
  • memory filler,
  • polyurethane,
  • felt.

Inflatable devices are made without filler. They are convenient to use if you need a mobile item that takes up a minimum of space when the owner does not need it.

  • hypoallergenic,
  • hygroscopic
  • non-toxic
  • wash resistant
  • wear-resistant, ensuring the durability of the pillow.

Buckwheat husk, which is filled with some models, will not provoke allergies, but the product itself will not last more than 3 years. Latex options are used up to 10 years, the owner all this time will feel their initial orthopedic properties.
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Varieties of pillows in shape

Pillows for the coccyx, first of all, are distinguished in geometric form:

  • Rectangular Due to its parameters, the product is stationary. The fixture is securely fixed in the workplace or in the car seat. Used to relieve pain symptoms, prevention of posture disorders. Helps to take the correct position of the body when sitting and proportionally distributes the load.
  • Cone-shaped. This form is most often produced anti-decubitus pillows. The product controls the air exchange between the contacted part of the body and the outer surface. In addition, it softens painful contact with a bed or chair.
  • Round, in the form of a donut. Products in shape resemble a lifebuoy. A tight cover is worn on a special ring with a hole. The device relieves stress and pain from the back, sacrum, pelvis. It is indicated for hemorrhoids, prostatitis, pregnancy, the postpartum period. Used if a person is hit hard or broken tailbone.

Round hole patterns are the most popular. The devices proportionally distribute the body load, control the bending of the spinal column, and prevent dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system.

Types of product filler

The operation and properties of the orthopedic pillow depend on the material from which the product is made. Popular varieties of filler:

The latter type is in demand among buyers, so it takes the form of the body of its owner. It is convenient to use inflatable air bags or balancing disks. Due to mobility in a deflated state, the model can be taken everywhere with you.

It is important to pay attention to the hypoallergenicity of the components, the properties of the materials, and the useful life. For example, a product from buckwheat husk will last 3 years, and from latex - 10 years.

Compliance of device with patient weight

Overweight patients should look at this indicator. Some models have body weight restrictions. For example, inflatable pillows are designed up to 120 kg.

Mistakes in choosing a fixture will make a thing useless. Such a device does not relieve discomfort. In addition, it can cause new deviations.

Features of choice

Only a correctly selected product will positively affect the health of the patient. When buying and using, you should adhere to certain recommendations:

  1. Before purchasing, test the device for comfort. Try sitting on different models. Make a choice, starting from the recommendations of a specialist and convenient parameters.
  2. Choose a cushion thickness that matches the height of the chair. Keep in mind that a high chair and a thick product will make you stoop, and this will violate your posture.
  3. Do not use extra linings on the chair. If you are sitting low, better buy a thicker pillow. Auxiliary substrates will prevent the medical device from distributing the load correctly.
  4. Place the orthopedic pillow for the tailbone only on a chair with a back. The lining lifts the pelvis, so to control the correct position you need support in the form of a back.
  5. For maximum effect, take the product everywhere with you. Use at home, at work, in a car seat, on vacation. For convenience, you can buy several orthopedic pillows.

The average price of the product: 1500–3500 p. On Chinese sites there are linings for 700 r. Before buying, read customer reviews, advantages and disadvantages of models. Prefer reliable manufacturers offering certified products. Health depends on the quality of the device.

DIY coccyx pillow

Orthopedic product for coccyx requires tangible financial investment. If for some reason it is not possible to purchase a fixture, do it yourself. Подушка будет уступать по функциональности.But if you take into account all the details, the author's device will eliminate the discomfort caused by being in a sitting position.

Pillow manufacturing algorithm:

  • Select materials. For filling, they often use a synthetic winterizer or holofiber. If possible, get foam or material from small balls. For a cover take a breathable, wear-resistant fabric. For allergic reactions, natural components are used to avoid diaper rash and irritation during prolonged sitting.
  • Prepare the tools. For the pillow you will need sewing, drawing accessories, accessories. For a fastener it is better to choose a lightning. This will ensure uniform distribution and desired density to the fixture.
  • Decide on the product parameters. Pre-measure the chair. Choose a comfortable, ergonomic shape. Reproduce the drawing of the fixture. As a basis, you can take the model from the online store.
  • Product manufacturing. Attach the layout to the fabric and cut out two parts on it. Do not forget to leave 2 cm at the seams. Connect the cut parts with the front side inwards. You can stitch. Leave a small hole to invert the product and fill with selected contents. Sew in the missing section. The pillow is ready.

With the independent manufacture of the product, all physiological features, convenient parameters, design, color are taken into account. We recommend stitching a replacement case for washing. The original designer pillow protects against discomfort and will become an interior decoration.

Pain in the back and pelvic region is felt not only by patients with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. People who are often in a sitting position also suffer from unpleasant symptoms. An orthopedic pillow for the tailbone will save you from pain, speed up the process of rehabilitation after injuries, and serve as a preventive measure against diseases and postural disorders. A useful device can be bought at a pharmacy or made by yourself.