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If you are shocked by teenage clothes: 3 rules for parents


Semi Formal Attire is the style of clothing that is least understood by most people, which often entails errors in choosing the appropriate outfit.

The usual formal (business) suit is all that is needed to attend a semi-official event in compliance with all the requirements of the dress code. Such a men's suit is distinguished by a rather concise cut. It can be worn with or without a vest, but always with a tie and dress shoes. But it is important not to opt for an overly rustic everyday option.

In fact, a formal suit is the only thing that is suitable for any occasion, both formal and semi-official. Its light, and even more white, variations are inappropriate for such cases, since they are considered too frivolous. It is preferable to choose a suit of wool. But cashmere or fabrics with different percentages of woolen fibers and their combination with other components are also suitable. And it should be noted that at a semi-official event, a tuxedo is inappropriate, since it is an attribute of formal dresses.

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How to talk with a teenager about clothes, cosmetics, hair

This is good or bad - but in the years of adolescence, children demonstrate their autonomy and independence from adults through appearance. In fact, most cases of such posturing are completely harmless. And there is no reason to get involved in the power struggle because of them. But what then to do?

How to talk with a teenager about clothes

We are all pleased to know that we "fit" into one or another social group. And teens are no different from us.

One morning, when I was waiting in the car for my eight-year-old daughter to take her to school, she left the house, dressed as the captain of the cheerleader team - in a short dress with ruffles, barely reaching the middle of the thigh. That would be great. if she really was the captain of the cheerleader team and was going to train!

You know, do not get me wrong: for the most part I tried not to be a “difficult” father. Nevertheless, even I could not find a single good reason to go to school in a dress that looked as if it was great hooked in the washing machine. However, at this point in my educational career, I had already learned that, as a rule, it is not worth voicing the first line that asks for a language. If you want to say something, it’s better to think about it first.

On the way, going through the possible options for starting the conversation, I carefully spoke:

“Robin, did you think well before dressing like that?” It seems to me - or are you really behaving a little differently in such clothes?

She laughed and quickly answered:

- Oh, dad, we all have girls dressed like that!

I thought: “Yeah, for sure! All the girls? So glisten with buttocks? Well, of course!". But, fortunately, I managed to hold my tongue.

When we got to school, I braked right behind the parking lot of school buses, from which schoolchildren poured out. And he discovered (which shocked me a lot) that all the girls were really dressed as a team of fans!

Today, such a surprise may turn out to be anything from a mini-skirt to a bare stomach and shoulders. This, of course, is just a matter of style, but if it makes you nervous, you can very well say: “Honey, you have such beautiful eyes! I wish that as many people as possible would pay attention to them! Although, of course, this is unlikely to happen if they stare only at your navel. You didn’t think that sometimes it’s better to focus on the face? ”

Unfortunately, sometimes we deprive a teenager of respect for himself, making him look “normal”. For example, you are going to the aunt of Hilda’s funeral, where you will meet with all relatives whom you have not seen for years. You know that everyone will judge the degree of well-being of your family by the appearance of its members - and be horrified at the thought that you have to go there with your teenage daughter, who, in your opinion, usually looks like a nightmare.

You have a desire to tell her: “Can't you at least once put on a normal dress and comb your hair normally? What is wrong with looking human? ” But the use of this phrase affects a teenager like a red rag on a bull. To convey your opinion to your daughter and not cause estrangement, you can say: “Fortunately, I know how wonderful you are as a child — no matter how you dress. I do not judge you by the way you look. But there will be not only me, but also other relatives. So please think about it carefully. ” Thus, you make it clear to your daughter that the style of her clothes casts a shadow on her, and not on you.

But sometimes the details of the teenagers' appearance and their apparent rebellion reflect what they see in the family, and not on television or at school.

Donald Sr., a well-known and respected lawyer, came to the consultation because he was very upset by the style of Donald Jr.’s clothing: “Seeing how this guy dresses, no normal person wants to look at him a second time, not like taking him to work ! ”Donald Sr. lamented.

Once I saw Donald Sr. in court and was somewhat shocked by his appearance: he put on jeans (albeit expensive ones) with a white shirt and tie. I asked him if such clothes were appropriate at his workplace. “Well, I’m coming to court not to show off, but to do my job,” Donald Sr. answered. “If people don’t like the way I am dressed, that’s their problem.” I think they are able to understand that I know my business. ”

Not surprisingly, Donald Jr. chose a rebellious style of clothing!

Teenage appearance and three rules for parents

Here are three suggestions on how to relate to a teenager’s appearance.

If you can, say something nice. If you can do without excessive stretches, respond positively to all changes in the style of clothing or hairstyle that your child chooses. This approach has one great advantage: even if your teenager is an inveterate rebel, your approval can make him return to a look that you prefer.

When you cannot say anything good, keep silent. If a positive comment on your part looks too false, it’s worth temporarily “swallowing the tongue”.

If a teenager looks outrageous, give your opinion. Suppose the appearance of a teenager contradicts all the laws of beauty and good taste. You can simply say: “I understand that you like to dress like this, but it goes beyond all boundaries, and I do not want you to dress like that in my presence. Yes, I am somewhat old-fashioned, like most of my friends, and our tolerance has limits. ”

So, first of all, avoid the power struggle over appearance. School and parents lost many of these battles. Give yourself a break. And remember that wise parents do not pay for clothes, hairstyles, and other appearance details that they don’t like.

2. Slacks

Slacks are loose-fitting cotton pants. It is difficult to formulate an exact definition, but it is something between trousers and jeans. This season, slacks with stripes are especially fashionable and trendy.

Especially fashionable this season are shirt dresses, as well as dresses in linen style. You can combine them with anything from a clutch bag and high-heeled shoes to sneakers or sneakers.

The fashion for shirts this season is very diverse. Classic shades of pale blue are the must-haves of street fashionistas around the world. As for the style, loose shirts with casual cutouts on the chest are in fashion.

This semi-official wardrobe item is very versatile, as the vest can be worn on a shirt, cardigan and even a jacket. And the elongated vest in the official style will be a great addition to any business look.

In a businesslike way

Strict style in discreet colors leave for school. If the form in your school is optional, then this will be a great reason to experiment with business style.

  • One of the options for a business style is style. preppy (from the English pre-college, preparatory). This style originates from the school uniform of elite educational institutions in the UK. “Preppy came to us from the universities of the Ivy League and it is based on the school uniform, but he is much freer. Basic colors are usually blue, red, white, gray. There may be blotches of yellow or green. Geometric prints: cell, sometimes strip. Dense fabrics: cotton, tweed, wool. Jackets are loose, straight or slightly fitted, plain cardigans, fitted dresses with a turn-down collar, often with pleats on the skirt. Men's cardigans with a tie and sporty bomber jackets are combined with chinos and men's shoes. Various emblems can be used as decoration, ”explains Natalia Kotlyarevskaya.

Blogger Le Happy

7. Silk tops

Silk tops in linen style are an excellent alternative to t-shirts. Fortunately, the choice of styles, colors and models is incredibly large.

Of course, in the style that is called "semi-official", skirts cannot be dispensed with. Now in fashion are not too short, but still mini-skirts. Leather, smelling, mainly in black and white, they will be a wonderful element in your semi-official wardrobe.

Finish with shoes. Here, the most appropriate shoes are heels. Choose shoes in basic colors (black, dairy). If we talk about the shape of the heel, then it is worth making a choice in favor of a hairpin or a wide steady heel.

Like a white crow

In adolescence, young people seek themselves, their own style. Often this is expressed in the choice of extravagant unusual clothes, for example, in the style of Japanese anime. Do not be afraid that your child will look like an urban crazy. Just negotiate with him those moments when the clothes look clearly vulgar. Yes, and when no matter how at this age to wear such things? Having matured, he will no longer dress like that.

According to Natalia Kotlyarevskaya, neither the skull, nor the anime style is a problem: “A person knows himself, and therefore, explores the boundaries. Most likely, in the outside world he is faced with different reactions. Therefore, in the family he needs support. If a teenager has a request on how to beat such clothes, I would look at what clothes in this style Google and Pinterest offer and look for good examples. There is a blogger Le Happy, a fully grown young lady with raspberry hair and grinders, but she perfectly composes it all. ”

Mango and Zara models (from left to right)

from the official websites of manufacturers

Clothing for special occasions should not be too adult. It is important to remember age. For boys, this is traditionally a classic costume; for girls, of course, there is more choice. It can be short concise dresses in the style of the 1960s or elongated delicate flowers in romantic style. Natalia Kotlyarevskaya recommends approaching the creation of an image thoroughly:

  • The suit on the boy should sit well. Sleeves should be of the correct length: at the bend of the brush or a couple of centimeters longer. The jacket should be like a glove in the shoulders and a pretty tight fit. There should be no creases when buttoned. Trousers - without folds in the groin and lower leg. The color of the costume depends on the color of appearance: dark blue is the most versatile. Looks good when there is a color element of a shirt in a tie or scarf print. As for shoes, these are oxfords, brogues or derby.
  • Girls can dress to their liking, but the outfit should be thought through in its entirety, including jewelry, shoes, a clutch bag and hairdo. I would start planning the image with the basics: dress, suit or jumpsuit. What image do you want to create? If restrained and strict, then it is better to stretch one color in different shades and textures. Tender girl? Then a long skirt or dress. Maybe a high waist in the spirit of Natasha Rostova. Looks great translucent fabric on the shoulders. Bright and bold style - then sequins, color contrasts and bright prints.