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How to make steps in Minecraft


To create steps in the minecraft game you need to decide what they will be made of. At the moment, the game steps can be made of many types of blocks, including those that can only be found in the lower world or in the region: from cobblestones (including those found in fortresses and treasures), boards, sandstone , hellish stone, brick and purple block (found in the city of the region).

It will take 6 blocks of the necessary material to create 4 steps.

There is also a block in the game called a slab - it has a height of half a normal block, so you can make steps out of it.

Craft stairs

So, my friends, you for various buildings, for example a beautiful, reliable house or maybe for other needs in Minecraft, will surely come in handy, among other things, also steps. How to make them and what might you need for this?

First of all, my friends, you need to make yourself a workbench. If you did not know, this is the most necessary item in minecraft. On it, we can craft almost everything that we may need in minecraft.

In minecraft, steps can be made of various blocks:

  • cobblestone
  • stone
  • boards
  • sandstone
  • bricks
  • hell stone

You need to decompose the blocks into workbenches in a certain order:

How and where to use stairs

In our amazing world of minecraft, a lot of items can be used in a variety of, and sometimes incredible, ways. And of course, steps are no exception. They can be adapted for a variety of needs, except for use in the usual quality familiar to us.

For example, with their help, you can quickly do something like a ladder when you need to climb some steep slope. If you need to make a regular staircase, read our article on how to make a staircase in Minecraft.

Moreover, in such a ladder, the rise is much faster, since, in contact with it, an automatic transition to running mode begins.

You can use steps from the boards, for example, as a roof, that is, make them a roof for our home. By the way, it looks very beautiful.

You can, for example, use the steps of the boards, properly set, like chairs or a sofa. Or, changing their location, make various interior items. This is already someone with enough imagination.

To put the steps in the right place for us, you need to do this as follows: to put it with the back to the block where it should stand. And we ourselves are better off facing this block, and not from the side.

You can also make corner stairs from them, placing them at an angle to each other.