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How to make a button in Minecraft and what it is used for


How to craft a button in Minecraft?

Craft buttons in Minecraft?

How to make a button in Minecraft?

The button can be made of wood and stone. This will require only one tree and one stone. A wooden button can be created by firing a bow. To create a stone button, you need to dig out the cobblestone, break it with a pickaxe and send it to the oven. There must be fuel in the stove.

The button, as in real life, in the Minecraft game is a means of switching, it will be required in the production of some mechanisms from the game.

In the game, the production of a wooden or stone button is available.

The stone is turned on, activated, only by clicking on it. But the wooden one reacts to an arrow from a bow. If the arrow hits the button, it is activated.

In the initial versions, the button was made only of cobblestone and was stone, cobblestone required 2 (two). Now they added a stone button and each of the ingredients (stone or boards) needs one serving.

For crafting, you need to put this product in a workbench and at the exit we get the right button. For example,

Mechanisms and electrical circuits

If you are not a mechanic or an electrician in real life, then at Minecraft you will have a great chance to try yourself in this matter. You will be able to design whole mechanisms of various purposes with your own hands, while thinking through everything to the smallest detail: how to connect the circuit, how to arrange parts, how to make a button. In Minecraft, you will discover almost unlimited possibilities, since almost the same laws apply here as in the real world. So everything is in your hands, nobody limits your innovations, so you can connect all your creativity and bring it to life. Naturally, it will not do without small details that will not be so exciting and grandiose, but on the basis of which everything is built. For example, you will need to learn how to make a button in Minecraft, because without it you will not be able to start any mechanism.

Simplest button

The simplest button in the game, which was available from the first version of the game, is made of stone. How to make a button in Minecraft? You only need to take the cobblestone block and place it in the central cell of your workbench. As a result, you will get a stone button that you can place on a vertical surface. This differs it, for example, from a lever that can be installed on horizontal surfaces, but its effectiveness is much lower. In many situations, the lever simply cannot be applied, and you will need to use the button. To connect it with the mechanism that it will have to start, you need to conduct an electric wire to it. After that, you can already interact with her. When the button is pressed, the signal will be transmitted to the mechanism, and it will begin to work. This is how you will learn how to bind a button in Minecraft - it can only be used in combination with one device.

New wood button

In one of the updates, developers added a new button. It is not made of stone, but of wood. The craft buttons in Minecraft remain the same. Only you change the cobblestone to a block of boards. And as a result, you get a button from another material. It can be distinguished by color, since the stone has a grayish-black shade, while the wooden one is light brown. But what is the difference? Which button in Minecraft is better and why?

Timing Difference

One of the main differences between a wooden button and a stone button is how long it remains active. When you click on stone activity, it lasts one second, while when using wood, the duration of action increases to thirty seconds. To many this may seem like an insignificant difference, but knowledgeable players understand that for thirty seconds they provide new opportunities in generating mechanisms and other systems.

More Differences

But it would be naive to assume that a new button will be introduced into the game, which will be practically no different from the previous one. Naturally, there are other innovations. For example, a stone button can only be pressed if you are standing next to it and interacting with it with your own hand. That is, remote activation is excluded. In the case of a wooden button, it became possible to press it with an arrow from a long distance. This further expands the range of options in the design. You can now rely on the remote activation of your mechanism. But it’s worthwhile to understand that you will have to master the art of archery in order to not let out ten arrows each time you want to start the mechanism.

Moreover, with the introduction of the wooden variety, another revolutionary event occurred - the developers decided that it was not necessary to limit the location of the buttons exclusively to walls and other vertical surfaces. What has changed? In the new versions of the game, you can install both stone and wooden buttons on the ceiling and walls of the room. All this is done so that the gamer can maximize his potential in the game and create something unbelievable technically with minimal restrictions.


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The button can be obtained with any tool or with your hand.

Block Stone button Wooden button
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