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Xbox 360 hangs


Today we are faced with a very difficult situation: the Xbox freezes during the game, only the on button does not respond to buttons. and off blinks. How to turn off the game and why does the game freeze?

I do not have a flashed xbox, but sometimes I also encounter such a problem as freezes during the game. After reading this problem in various forums, I realized that the game freezes does not depend on whether it is flashed or not. The official Xbox 360 website says that a possible problem may arise from overheating of the console. Therefore, to solve the problem, it is advised to put the console in an open space, so that the fans are located away from other devices. It is not recommended to put the prefix on a soft surface and do not need to put foreign objects on it either. And of course, a commonplace way to restart the console.

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1) Normal reboot if Xbox slows down.

The fastest and easiest solution to simple problems, allows you to save all data and save in games. To reboot, you must perform the following steps:

  1. On the front panel, press the shutdown button (xBox indicator),
  2. Expect 10 seconds
  3. Turn on the console again.

2) Clearing the cache system when the Xbox freezes.

Sometimes the Xbox slows down from scratch, this may be due to CACHE. Games cache, installation package, system updates, and much more are saved in the cache, so these items will be lost during cleaning. Applications and games will be saved. Often, clearing the cache leads to troubleshooting issues with the Xbox One, especially when displaying lags in games. The procedure is simple and does not require much time:

  1. Turn off the game console by pressing xBox (the shutdown button on the front of the XBox),
  2. After the Xbox One shuts down completely, wait 3 minutes.
  3. Turn on the console.

3) Hardware reset through disconnection from the network.

If problems still occur, and the Xbox freezes and does not turn on, then try disconnecting the console from the network in the following way:

  1. Hold your finger on the xBox (set-top-off button) for 10 seconds,
  2. Disconnect from the power by pulling the plug from the 220V network,
  3. Wait 5 minutes
  4. Connect 220V and turn on the console.

4) Reset to factory settings.

Reset to factory defaults:

  1. Open the main menu and go to "Settings",
  2. Select “All settings”, then “System”, and finally the section “Updates and information about the console”,
  3. There will be an item "Reset Console".

Here are several options for you:

  • “Reset and delete everything” - involves a complete cleaning of the console and the complete removal of all information,
  • "Reset, saving my games and applications" - involves resetting the operating system and deleting damaged system files, but with the preservation of user data. The option is less effective than the first, but it is better to start with it and only then proceed to the complete removal.

Repair kinect at home will not work, but it can be "saved" from reboots and glitches. Do selective reset with saving games.

5) Remove noise in the headphones.

New gamepads for the Xbox One S have a standard 3.5mm jack for any headphone. But, we must keep in mind that only CTIA standard headsets work well, but others can make noise. More details in the article: “Differences between CTIA and OMTP”

  1. Connect the headphones to the gamepad.
  2. By clicking xBox on the controller, select the settings.
  3. Turn off the item “Mic. headsets. "
  4. Set the “Listen to Microphone” slider to zero.

6) Xbox One firmware (error E200-000000EF -black screen).

Firmware is needed in case of serious damage to system files or when the Xbox does not turn on. This applies not only to the black screen, but also to other errors!

  1. Download the “Restore Factory Defaults” firmware file from,
  2. Unzip the file to the root of the USB drive (from 2GB in NTFS format),
  3. Turn off the console and turn off the power for 1 minute,
  4. Reconnect the power
  5. Insert the USB flash drive into the Xbox ONE,
  6. On console simultaneously press “Bind” and “Eject” (buttons for connecting the gamepad and Blue-Ray - to the left and to the right of the drive slot),
  7. While holding “Bind” and “Eject”, click on the power button,
  8. Do not press Bind and Eject until the console beeps twice (15 seconds),
  9. You can release it after the second signal, after which the update and firmware of the Xbox from the flash drive will begin,
  10. Wait until recovery is complete and turn on XONE.

7) Slowly installing games.

  • When installing from a Blu-ray disc, disconnect the console from the Internet (turn off the Ethernet or WiFi cable). After that, the game will begin to be installed directly from the disk, and not be pumped from the Internet. After the installation is complete, reconnect the Internet, you may need to update the game, but the amount of downloaded data will be much less.
  • When loading games slowly On XBOX from the Internet, flushing the cache helps (2) or hardware reset (3) Of course, if you there is a high-speed channel from the provider. It is also worth rebooting the modem or router.
  • When using "Streaming" from Onbox Xbox to PC, the background speed of downloading games and updates significantly reduced (up to 0.5 - 3 Mbps). This is done to minimize the brakes during the broadcast of games on the computer.

8) There are no available updates.

Sometimes the Xbox cannot download the update, or rather, it does not see it at all.

  1. Go to “All Settings” - “System” - “Updates and Information”.
  2. Click on the button “Status of the last update”.
  3. Go to the previous menu and wait a dozen seconds.
  4. If the update does not appear during this time, then repeat the second and third line.

9) Cleaning the console from dust.

Xbox shuts down, freezes or slows down - it means it's time to "shake" the dust.

The console has a lot of hot components, so it uses coolers for cooling with cold air. And once the air circulates, it means that dust moves along with it, which settles on the insides. This can lead to overheating and, accordingly, glitches and shutdowns of X-Box.

we do not recommend disassembling device for no good reason and straight arms.

An ordinary vacuum cleaner will help, they can easily and safely clean the Xbox One and 360 from dust. Just brush a vacuum cleaner through all the openings of X-Box.

10) How to remove the creak of the trigger and bumper on the gamepad.

Most of these problems are due to the dirt that accumulates inside the joey.

  1. Press the trigger and blow strongly into the gap between it and the joystick body.
  2. Clean the surface, recesses and crevices. An old toothbrush will come in handy.
  3. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and try to remove dust from the inside of the gamepad, while pressing the blown buttons.

These methods will only help with not mechanical damage, otherwise it will not work to repair it without a workshop!

11) WiFi and Internet on Xbox do not work.

If the XBOX does not work with the WiFi network, we recommend that you read the full article: Tips, if the Xbox does not connect to the WiFi network and there is no Internet.

  1. Check the internet on other devices.
  2. Reboot your modem and Xbox.
  3. Check your WiFi network password.
  4. Set the WiFi channel from 1 to 11.
  5. Turn on UPnP in the router.

Final word.

We have offered you simple and working methods for solving problems related to the errors and bugs of XboxOne. More detailed guidance on resolving issues can be found on the Microsoft support site.

If none of the above helps, and the XBOX does not turn on or does not work correctly, then you should contact a service center for repair.

Any suggestions or tips? Then be sure to leave them in the comments. Add to the article!

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When you turn on the Xbox one x, it itself turns off for a couple of seconds and turns on again what to do with this problem

Try 3 points from the instructions.
If this does not work out, then it is better to contact Microsoft support or a service.

Hello, please help. Everything was fine with the Xbox one. We played and everything was normal. One day I decided to turn it on and play, turn it on and the green panel with the inscription Xbox one is on and then it does not turn on. I pressed two buttons to restart the console, it turned on, I had to re-register, registered, played and turned off. The next day, I turn on and again the green panel. This is how I register and go in every time. What should I do today it will no longer reboot. The green panel just burns for hours and then does not turn on