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DIY wooden caskets: from simple to complex


This article will be useful to creative people who want to engage in the manufacture of wooden products as a hobby. They are different, these are wooden boxes for tea, and jewelry boxes, and cases for wine and cigars. In this article, we will pay more attention to the main points of creating and decorating some types of caskets and drawers.

Photo of a box for tea.

A few words about the material

First of all, you need to decide what kind of wood we will produce our work of art from. Beginners, in the first couple, should abandon high-strength, expensive varieties such as oak or beech.

It is better to take soft wood. The most accessible option in all respects is conifers, as well as alder or linden.

When choosing a material, one should consider for storage of what things or products the product is intended. The fact is that decorative containers for tea or other bulk food products are usually made from hardwood.

Important: the coniferous board has a specific smell that is easily absorbed.
For example, if you pour green tea with jasmine in a pine box, then in a week your drink will smell like pine, not jasmine.

For those who are going to process their casket with a specialized stain, imitating expensive varieties of wood, it is better to give preference to lime. This breed has a light natural color and is well decorated.

Packaging for wine.

Manufacturing highlights

  • Wooden gift boxes are often small in size, so we will make just such designs. The instruction here is not complicated. Initially, we need 4 planks for arranging the walls. Naturally, the thicker the board, the easier it is to work with it. But small boxes with thick sides do not always look good, a thickness of 10 mm is considered the best option.
  • The material under the bottom and the cover is selected depending on the size of the structure. So under a small box for wine or for hours it is easy to pick up a monolithic natural tablet with a thickness of 10 - 15 mm. For covers for larger structures, as a rule, wooden plywood with a thickness of 8 mm or more is used.

  • Any product begins with a sketch, the more carefully you compose it, the easier it will work for you. According to the dimensions prescribed in the sketch, 4 boards for the walls are cut.
    There are 3 ways to connect the sides, which one to choose depends on the professional skills of working with a carpentry tool and the presence of this tool itself.

  1. Boards with a thickness of 10 mm or more, can be butt-joined by inserting 2 side panels between the front and rear panels. In this case, the sides are glued together and are additionally fixed with thin cloves or self-tapping screws. The method is quite simple, but it is customary to use it only if the product is decorated with a solid, non-transparent layer, for example, decoupage.
  2. The sides of small gift boxes or jewelry can be glued by cutting off the edges at an angle of 45º. Ideally, a miter saw is used for this, but in the absence of one, you can carefully cut it with a sharp knife, and then bring it with an emery or file.

Scheme inclined connection.

    1. The most difficult for beginners is the spike-groove connection. Frezoy sampling is done quickly and accurately. If it is not, then the connections are cut with a hacksaw or a jigsaw, leaving a small margin, which is subsequently adjusted by a file.

The window box in a wooden house is assembled by the same principle.

  • The bottom can be made exactly to the size of the box, after which it is glued and preferably fixed with screws. But a wooden box will look more impressive if the bottom and the cover are made wider than the frame, by the thickness of the side.

Product with a wide bottom.

Tip: in order not to spoil the view with self-tapping screws, you can outline the entrance points with an awl and hammer furniture cloves, after cutting off the hats from them.
Then these points are putty in the color of a tree.

  • For fastening of a cover small piano or furniture loops are used. Now they can be found in hardware stores or departments selling furniture accessories, their price is cheap. You can remove the hinges from the old box, as a rule, in each closet there is a similar trash. In order to drown the loops, grooves are cut out at the top of the tailgate.

Thorn groove joint.

Box decoration

Wooden gift boxes can be decorated in many ways, we will talk about the most popular options. Each of them is good in its own way and it is better to choose, focusing on the purpose of the product.

Wooden containers for food storage cannot be treated with synthetic varnishes stains and impregnations, for this there are other compositions.

  • If you want to highlight the natural pattern of the board, then the box can be tinted with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • In order to protect the wood and at the same time leave it its original appearance, the board is covered with linseed oil.
  • A noble golden hue will appear if you treat the surface with mastic on beeswax. The mastic recipe is simple, 4 parts of refined linseed oil and 1 part of wax are heated and mixed in a water bath.

The decoupage of a wooden box can be advised to people who want to make their product original or give new life to an old casket.

The technology here is uncomplicated, but requires patience.

  • Initially, the product is covered with soil, as most of the lovers use PVA glue. But the masters recommend mixing chalk with NTs varnish to a liquid, sour cream state and covering the tree.
  • When the soil dries out a little, the drawing itself is glued onto the wet base. Now in each transition, pictures on rice paper for decoupage are sold, so there are plenty to choose from.
  • After the base is completely dry, the box is covered with 2 layers of acrylic varnish and 3 to 4 layers of polyurethane or nitrol varnish are applied to it. Before applying a new layer, let the previous one dry.

Decoupage on the box.

Important: fire hazardous constructions, for example, such as an external junction box under a tree, are decorated only with water-dispersed varnishes and paints.
Acrylic based formulations are best used.

You can artificially age a product using the craquelure technique. The distribution network is now selling ready-made krake kits. The technique itself is simple, on a damp, recently painted surface, a thin layer of varnish is applied to the paint, which during drying shrinks, thereby forming a network of small cracks. After drying, the product is covered with a protective layer of furniture varnish.

The video in this article provides additional information on the topic.

Self-made making of gift boxes made of wood can gradually become a wonderful hobby that will delight you and your loved ones. No need to start with complex designs, choose what is available to you now, skill will come with time.

Where to begin

Making any crafts begins with a project, a scheme. The master imagines exactly what his masterpiece will be, and already, starting from drawings, he stocks up with necessary materials and tools.

For many inhabitants, a wooden box is a rectangular box with a lockable lid. This is so, but not quite. A casket is a real work of art, and even a little thing made of improvised materials from improvised materials can look like expensive antiques.

Any box has its purpose in the house. Based on this promise, the master thinks over the shape of the product. The following options are possible here:

  • for jewelry. Such wooden models are traditionally rectangular in shape, but the inner surfaces are lined with velvet and the lid is complemented by a mirror. As a result, the jewelry is not scratched and it’s convenient to try it on,
  • for jewelry, trinkets. A characteristic feature of such a product are boxes that move freely inside the case. The number of drawers is unlimited, and tight fit does not require special guides,
  • a small casket for dear to the heart, memorabilia. It is made in the shape of a heart and is great for storing letters, cards, photos and other things,
  • Puzzle . A rather complicated product, which at the same time serves as a decorative ornament and a children's toy. Here, a system of wooden gears resembling a clockwork mechanism is installed, and the lid opens after the rotation of the handle or one of the wheels,
  • to hide a small amount of money. It is made in the form of a rectangle, but the exterior is made under the book,
  • for needles, threads. In such wooden caskets, usually there are several compartments where you can store sewing accessories. The case is often complemented by a carrying handle.

In addition, there are boxes with watches, locks and secrets, original boxes and drawers for storing cigars, products that make melodic sounds when you open the lid. The shape is not limited to rectangular. In fact, in the presence of modern tools for processing wood, it can be any, including round.

It is noteworthy that all of these options can be done independently at home. But still, it’s better to start learning how to make wooden caskets with wood with simple designs, making the task harder as skills become available.

How to make a classic box

Even a teenager with minimal skills in handling woodworking tools can handle this task. Such a box is made of multilayer plywood, while the selected sheet should not have visible damage: knots, cracks.

At the initial stage, you will need a pencil and a ruler. In order not to complicate the task, it is better to choose the correct geometry of shapes for the walls, lid and bottom, for example a square or rectangle. On the plywood sheet, the outlines of four walls are drawn: 2 side - shorter and 2 front - more authentic.

Note! The sides of the bottom are calculated so that after gluing the sidewalls it is recessed inside the walls.

Then all the drawn elements are carefully sawn with a jigsaw, irregularities are processed with sandpaper. So that the end and side walls are beautifully interconnected, small grooves corresponding to the thickness of the plywood sheet can be made at the edges of the ends. This tip will help give the case a monolithic look and overall make the structure stronger. The walls are glued together, then the bottom of the box is placed. If the lower part comes in with difficulty, the edges are filed. The bottom should be tight.

After that proceed to the manufacture of the cover. To make the design more original, it is better to choose the option of not a flat, but a deep cover. To do this, use the scheme described above. A large workpiece is cut, which will be directly a lid, end and side walls. In fact, it turns out a reduced copy of the casket. All details are processed with sandpaper, glued together. The cover is attached to the body with small hinges. After assembly, the finished product is varnished or painted in any color that you like.

In a similar way, you can make a box of solid wood. To do this, use a wooden board. It must be sanded and cut into blanks of the required size. It is more difficult to saw a tree with a jigsaw, it is better to use a circular saw. Curly edges can be milled.

If you need a box

In general, a wooden casket with a drawer is made in the same way as the classic version, but there are a number of features.

The simple rectangular shape of the lid and bottom will spoil the appearance of the product. The long sides of these elements are best made wavy using an electric milling cutter. In addition, choosing this option, the lid and bottom are not placed inside the case, but left outside.

The walls are made of different heights. In particular, the back and ends are made of the same height, glued together. For the front wall, a die is cut half the width of the back. This element is not recessed between the ends, but is overlapped and fixed with glue.

The box consists of two parts: a box that fits freely between the walls, and the front part is the same in size as the top die. Elements are also planted on wood glue.

A partition is installed between the upper and lower parts, which will serve as a bottom for the upper compartment of the casket. Inside the drawer and stationary drawers, you can make partitions of thin plywood, delimiting the internal space into several compartments. The cover is mounted on decorative hinges, the tree is covered with several layers of furniture varnish.

How to decorate with carvings

Carved caskets look much more original and interesting, but such work requires certain skills and knowledge. For beginners who decide to try their hand at wood carving, experienced craftsmen recommend starting with simple geometric shapes and large patterns. With a certain margin of patience, even a novice master will be able to cope with such a task.

The drawing is applied to the surface with a pencil, each line is well drawn. After that, a pattern is carefully cut out with a slanting knife or a chisel in strict accordance with the marked markings. Small flaws and irregularities can be fixed with a file or fine sandpaper.

How to put a lock

An interesting solution is a mortise lock, which will open with a small key, but such work is difficult to perform even for an experienced specialist. Therefore, it is better to limit yourself to a padlock or a decorative hook.

To install a padlock, loops are placed in the central part of the side wall and the cover, which are screwed on with small screws. The location of the loops must first be calculated: even a small displacement will break the symmetry, and the box will lose its attractiveness.

Making a box of complex shape from solid wood will take significantly more time. To do this, you definitely need to use a power tool, while parts from plywood can be cut even with a hand jigsaw. For the artist to complete the finished product opens a large field of work. You can paint it with paints, attach decorative fittings, perform decoupage or burning.

How to make a box of wood with your own hands

Gift box made of wood

The box is based on a frame from the packaging of Ceylon tea. It was a pity to throw out the frame, so I decided to use it, especially since the material is probably a coconut tree. I don’t even know where to order or buy a similar box in size and what the price of such work is.

The following tools and materials were used to make the box:

  • hand jigsaw,
  • hand or electric saw (circular or jigsaw),
  • Sander,
  • drill and drill with a diameter of 12 mm (the hole can also be cut with a hand jigsaw),
  • electric engraver or semicircular chisel (if necessary),
  • pencil and ruler
  • clamps (2-4 pieces),
  • burning device (if inscription is required),
  • a piece of plywood with a thickness of 6 mm, suitable for 4 and 10 mm,
  • PVA glue,
  • parquet varnish.

No hinges, latches or clips are required.

Step-by-step instructions for making wooden boxes with your own hands

Step 1. The frame from the tea packaging, taken as a basis, is cut into two parts, so as to reduce its length and put it together. Putting together two parts, the issue of installing the sliding cover of a makeshift box is immediately solved (it is necessary to make the walls thicker).

Tea packaging frame

Trying Midland G5

Step 2. Trying on the placement of Midland radio stations. I had to provide for the manufacture of recesses for antennas in the wall. The place of the holes is marked with a pencil.

Step 3. Holes and recesses are either drilled or cut by an engraver. I made them an engraver.

Step 4. Add the parts together, check the location of the radio stations. We apply PVA glue to the places of gluing and compress the places of gluing with clamps. Dry the details.

Antenna Holes and Recesses

Fitting radios

Step 5. After drying the glue, we cut off the protruding parts of the frame. We put the frame into pieces of three-layer and five-layer plywood and draw contours with a pencil. We cut out two covers.

Step 6. The retractable cover is made according to the example bluetooth music center covers. The frame is placed on a five-layer cover and the inner contours are encircled with a pencil. Focuses on the outlined contours with a ruler a line is drawn for cutting the lid. The lid is cut out at an angle with a hand jigsaw.

Side walls of the box

The protruding parts are trimmed

Bottom box cover

Top box cover

Step 7. Glue the covers to the frame with PVA glue. The retractable lid is insulated from glue by a piece of polyethylene. All gluing is pulled together with clamps. Watch photos and videos.

Step 8. Check the location of the radios. I had to make small recesses so that the walkie-talkies fit in a box with clips and did not interfere with closing the lid.

Retractable Cover Test

The surface of the box is polished

Clips on the bottom for clips

Step 9. Sand the body with sandpaper. Еще раз проверяем размещение раций и работу крышки. Крышка должна свободно закрываться и выпадать под собственным весом. Этот зазор необходим для нанесения лака.

Шаг 10. The inscription on the cover of the birthday is applied with a simple burner.

Step 11. The box is covered with thin layers of varnish with full drying. If desired, each layer can be sanded with a thin sandpaper to obtain a mirror surface of the varnish. When varnishing, try to remove excess varnish from the place of movement of the lid. Photos were taken after applying the third coat of varnish. Let the varnish dry well.

Step 12. After varnishing, the lid may not close; adjust the lid by lightly grinding its edges and the groove on the box.

Cover closing check

Gift box

The inscription on the box and the surface is varnished

The above example shows that without the skill of a cabinetmaker, it’s realistic to make a wooden box with your own hands. Watch the box making video

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How to make a wooden gift box from scratch?

First of all, you need to decide with size and shape box. If this is your first time getting started, make a drawing on paper. Cut out the details and glue them together so you get an idea of ​​how the box will look.

For a medium-sized box, you need to make 6 parts. For example:

  • 50 cm by 25 cm - bottom and cover,
  • 50 cm and 39 cm - 2 side parts,
  • 39 cm and 24 cm - 2 end parts.

Transfer the drawing to plywood and saw out the details. Now you need to decide on the method of attachment. You can make special grooves around the edges of the walls and assemble a box like a designer. There is an option to glue the entire structure. Modern types of glue allow this to be done. But it will not be durable. The finished box is coated with varnish or paint, Decorate to your liking.

Wooden gift box

Types of Wooden Crates

You can make such a box with a lid on the hinges. She will resemble a chest. Good packing for dimensional presentation.

Plywood gift boxes can be very different: with lids, on casters, with drawers, any geometric shape. You can, for example, make a box with compartments for a bottle of wine and glasses.

A great idea would be to make a wooden box with a slot in the lid. It can be originally decorated and presented to the newlyweds as a piggy bank. Do not forget to put the gift itself in it: banknotes. Such a playful present will amuse everyone present.

Wooden box for honeymooners

How to make a gift box from a finished rack box?

Even a woman can cope with the manufacture of such packaging. The hardest task will be to get a rack box. They usually store vegetables. If there is such a box, then gift wrapping problem will be resolved in an elementary way.

We clean and dry a box in any color. Decorate it with tinsel and ribbons. We cover the bottom of the box with a thin mattress sewn from colored dense fabric. Stack the gift. Such a box can serve as packaging for the doll to the child. Subsequently, he will replace the crib.

You can put vegetables or fruits in it if there is no basket at hand. So the gift will take on a presentable look.

Gift Box

In addition, men will be pleased to receive tools as a gift in a ready-made wooden storage box.

If it seems that making a wooden box is an impossible task, cheat

Make a box of the desired size from thick cardboard and paste over under the tree paper.

Jack of all trades can independently make a box of any size, decorate it, drill holes for handles. The function of the handles, if the box is small, can perform a strong cord.

Gift sets in wooden boxes remain intact, if their transportation is required, have aesthetic lookMoreover, elite types of wines, for example, are always sold in a box. it stylish presentation.

Gift boxes made of plywood are popular due to the environmentally friendly packaging and the possibility of its further use.