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More recently, many of us would call fiction shopping on the phone. And today, for an increasing number of people, this is quite a familiar reality. The first such, of course, a useful option for its gadgets was presented by Apple. If you own an iPhone 6, today you can choose for yourself this safe and modern payment method. How to set up Apple Pay, how to use it, we will describe in detail below.

About Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a universal, simple and secure payment tool available not only for iPhones, but also for Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook Pro. With it, you can pay both in ordinary stores and in online markets and applications. In major cities around the world, public transport fares are also being adjusted using this technology.

Before you set up and use Apple Pay, make sure you have the following:

  • a bank card, the issuer (issuing bank) which supports this technology,
  • the latest version of iOS on your gadget,
  • iCloud login on your phone, configured digital password and Tooch ID.

On one device, you can add up to 8 bank and / or bonus (the latter is not available in all countries) cards.

Set up Apple Pay on iPhone

You will see that setting up this payment system is as easy as using it. The instruction consists of the following simple steps:

  1. Go to the Wallet app (read more about it below).
  2. Tap on "Add a payment card", click on "Next".
  3. If you linked any card to pay for purchases in iTunes, then you only need to enter its 3-digit security code.
  4. Otherwise, you need to place the card “face” in the frame so that it can be scanned by the back camera of the gadget, or enter the necessary information manually - number, expiration date, first and last name in Latin.
  5. Then enter the security code from the back of the card in the required window.
  6. Carefully read the terms of service of your issuing bank. If you agree with them, click "I Agree."
  7. Choose one of the suggested ways to register your card with Apple Pay. For example, through SMS. In this case, a digital code will be sent to the phone number attached to it, which must be entered in the desired window.
  8. Tap on Finish - iPhone and card are ready to pay using Apple Pay!

A little about the application - a universal wallet Wallet. This is where not only the credit or debit bank card you added now can be stored, but also gift certificates, boarding passes, discount and bonus cards, tickets to the cinema, theater, museum or exhibition. You can always get acquainted with the useful information that they contain: balance sheet, validity period, your place or number, etc.

You can add a card in any convenient way:

  • via "Mail" or "Messages",
  • Using the Wallet Barcode Scanner,
  • through the browser
  • through Airdrop Sharing,
  • through applications that support this "wallet",
  • via pop-up notification in case of payment using Apple Pay.

Using Wallet on your iPhone is straightforward. If the map contains information about the location and time, where and when it is needed, it opens automatically at the right time. You can also quickly open the map by double-clicking on the "Home" key. When automatic selection is activated for a particular card, it is enough to bring the phone to the seller’s contactless reader while holding your finger on Tooch ID.

By clicking on the "i" ("information") icon next to the added map, you can do the following:

  • remove her
  • make it open to all your Apple devices
  • update information about it (just drag the screen down),
  • open / install the application issued by the issuer of this card,
  • enable / disable automatic updating of card information,
  • enable or disable the function of appearing on a locked screen,
  • make active or cancel automatic selection of this card when shopping.

How to use Apple Pay: a complete guide to paying in stores

Payment for purchases in the store is as follows:

  • With Apple Pay, you can pay for goods and services only at terminals marked with the Apple brand icon and Pay.
  • After the seller’s contactless terminal is ready to exchange data, simply place your finger on the Tooch ID sensor button and hold the device at an approximate distance of 2.5 cm from the terminal.
  • The system itself will select a card for payment for which "Automatic selection" is set.
  • Hold the smartphone by the terminal until the message “Finish” is displayed.
  • If you want to pay for your purchase with another card from Wallet, then bring the iPhone to the terminal without touching Tooch ID. Select the desired card on the gadget screen.

Pay attention to these nuances before using Apple Pay on iPhone 6:

  • You can make a purchase only if you have Internet access.
  • Some stores may ask you to additionally enter the PIN of your bank card with such payment or sign in the check, which will be displayed on the smartphone screen.
  • If the terminal requires you to enter the last four digits of your card, then you need to enter Wallet, click on the "i" icon next to the card you need and enter the numbers indicated next to "Device account number". In this case, they are a complete substitute for a bank card number.
  • If the terminal asks you to choose between a credit and a debit card on your screen, you should stop at a credit.

Virtual purchases with Apple Pay

Consider using Apple Pay for in-app purchases:

  • You can pay for this or that purchase by clicking on the combination button of a branded apple and the inscription Pay, as well as with Buy with prefixes. Donate with.
  • Check all data or enter the required.
  • If payment by another card is required, then tap on ">" next to the offered one.
  • At the request of the system, place your finger on the Tooch ID sensor.
  • Do not remove your hand until Finish.

Now we’ll show you how to use Apple Pay on iPhone 6 while shopping on websites:

  • Find the familiar "Buy with Apple Pay" button, click on it.
  • Check the exposed data, enter the required information.
  • Make a purchase by placing your finger on the Tooch ID sensor upon request.
  • Remove your hand as soon as Finish is displayed.

Let us turn to specific examples of payment with Apple Pay in Russia.

Issuing banks and stores supporting Apple Pay in Russia

Credit organizations-issuers, payment systems that support Apple Pay:

Before using Apple Pay on iPhone 6, you probably wanted to know which stores and establishments have terminals that use this payment option. Today there are more than a hundred thousand. Among them:

Applications and sites where you can use this payment method:

About security

Before using Apple Pay on the iPhone 6, it is important to make sure that such payments are reliable. For objective reasons, this payment method is considered more reliable than traditional bank cards:

  • To pay you need only your fingerprint or a digital code that only you know.
  • Your smartphone and Apple server do not store your card number.
  • When paying, your card number and personal data are not available to the seller.
  • Transaction information is anonymous.
  • With virtual purchases, the seller sees only the data about you that you enter.

If you lost your iPhone or stole it, then no one else will be able to pay for your purchases through Apple Pay, because this is impossible without the code and fingerprint of your finger. In addition, the service of this payment system can be remotely suspended by contacting the support service of the issuing bank, or through "Find iPhone". However, a lost device does not have to be connected to the Internet.

Other matters

We will answer the most popular questions:

  • How to see your transactions? This can be done in Wallet - the last 10 operations are displayed there.
  • Do I need an internet connection when paying? Yes, this is a prerequisite.
  • Is there a fee for this payment? The buyer pays only the amount of his purchase, the commission is the seller’s concern.
  • Which terminals accept this means of payment? Contactless PayPass, PayWave, NFC with the sign of the possibility of payment using Apple Pay.

So we have covered all the main points about how to use Apple Pay on iPhone 6. The most important thing that this payment tool provides is a safe and easy payment using your smartphone, which has now become your wallet.


The new Maps app for iOS 6 was announced on June 29, 2012 at WWDC 2012. It replaced Google Maps, which had previously been part of the iOS operating system since the very first iPhone release in 2007. Scott Forstall said at a conference that Google Maps would no longer be used on the OS. Instead, cards of their own production will be introduced. He and his colleagues also said that Apple used data from navigation systems TomTom, AutoNavi (for China) and other partners.

On September 19, along with a major iOS update, the map service was updated, replacing Google’s maps with their own.


Apple Maps are available on any iOS device that supports upgrading to iOS 6 (including iPhone 3GS and later, iPad 2 and later, iPod touch 4G and later).

Since update Mavericks, Apple Maps are available for OS X in the Maps app.

The application has the following functions:

  • View cartographic diagrams, satellite images.
  • Turn-based navigation with route building and voice guidance. You can also build a route using Siri Assistant.
  • 3D-mode that allows you to view the city from a bird's eye view, a detailed view of buildings, streets and attractions.

3D mode is only available for iPhone 4S and higher, iPad 2 and higher, as well as iPod Touch 5th generation and higher, due to insufficient processor capabilities in older models of devices. However, after some time, the Russian user said that he was able to enable 3D mode on the iPhone 4. This mode is represented by panoramas of most major cities in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and countries of Western Europe. In Russia, the service is not implemented and the prospects for its appearance are very vague.

With the advent of iOS 7, Apple has updated the Maps application. The changes affected the design of the application, the functions and quality of the cards. So, the geography has expanded and turn-by-turn navigation has improved (including in Russia), the names of small cities have been Russified, the general map layout has improved, however satellite images in some places leave much to be desired. In addition, the Traffic service does not work in Russia, which also affects the popularity of Apple Maps among users.